We are the first company to offer comprehensive translation services in Sri Lanka in line with the vision of a trilingual

Sri Lanka.

 Our company consist of experienced translators who have exceptionally accurate translation skills. Our diverse translation work includes proprietary materials and large-scale executive organization documents of top corporates in Sri Lanka. The majority of our team have long spanning careers in journalism and work in leading newspapers.

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We provide guided solutions by first coming up with a customized plan for your business and then providing you with personalized support to help you get up and running.

Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world. “

Italo Calvino

How We Process

This is how we process your project step by step

  • 01
    Submit your requirements
    We receive an email with your document and a description of your job requirements.
  • 02
    Get your estimate
    An estimate for your work is sent to you. Once approved work will begin.
  • 03
    Resource allocation
    The work is assigned to the relevant translator.
  • 04
    Quality checking
    The work is proof-read, edited and formatted.
  • 05
    Get your translation
    A finished product is emailed back along with invoice
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